Chapter 1759 Luna’s entire body stiffened when she heard this. 

She fell silent for a moment, then shook her head. “How is that possible? I gave birth at my house, whereas Heather gave birth in Central Hospital, so the two babies can’t possibly have been confused.”

Gwen rolled her eyes at her. “I’m not saying someone confused the babies.

“What if they had deliberately switched them out? Have you ever thought of the possibility that Heather was the one whose child had died at birth?

“After all the bad things she did, it’d be entirely possible that the baby would rather die than t o call her its mother!”


Luna could not help chuckling when she heard this. “That’s impossible.”

However, Gwen did not give up at all.

She glanced at the wristband she was wearing.

The hospital they were at was Merchant City Central Hospital, the same one where Heather had given birth!

She bit her lip and grabbed hold of Luna’s arm. “Since you and Joshua are here at the same time, why don’t you look for the doctors and nurses that delivered Heather’s baby and investigate what happened?


it’ll still be helpful by ruling out a possibility so that you’ll have one less thing to worry about when trying to search for your

still did not think Riley was, in fact, her baby, Gwen’s logical


Luna did not believe otherwise, she still

not intend to ask

little while longer, Luna found Gwen’s doctor and inquired about the location of the

if she wanted to investigate the day of Heather’s delivery, she first had to find out who

lot of effort smuggling into the filing room, but as soon as she did, with the help of the administrative assistant,

this moment, the doctor that Heather had bribed into ‘delivering’ her

and alarm bells sounded in

out of the filing room, she quickly called Heather. “I just ran into Luna in the hospital’s

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Luna manage to

hanging up the phone, Heather paced around her

had been in the operation room with her, she was worried that one of them would crack if Luna were to offer them

the consequences

DNA report-one that would prove Riley, Joshua, and Luna as

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