Chapter 1761 

Luna looked around in the archives of Central Hospital but did not find the files on Heather having a child there back then.

Luna asked the staff there once again. They told her that there was only one archive room in the hospital. If there was a file on Heather, it would definitely be there.

In the end, after the second round of futile searching, Luna gave up. Leaving the archives, the more Luna thought, the more she felt that Gwen was right.

Logically speaking, the information on Heather giving birth should be in the archives. If it was not there, someone must have taken it.


If there was nothing fishy going on with Heather giving birth, that what they said about Heather smoothly birthing Riley was true, then why did they take away the files on her operation in the hospital back then?

Luna returned to Gwen’s ward filled with confusion. She told Gwen about the missing files when at that moment, Lucas frantically rushed in from outside.

“Ma’am, something has happened! I was about to head out to buy some food for Ms. Gwen upon the doctor’s orders when I bumped into Heather Landry!”

Luna was already looking for Heather’s file in the hospital and was telling Gwen about the missing file at that moment, so when she heard Heather’s name being mentioned, Luna naturally thought that Heather was also there for the files.


She creased her brows. “Heather? Is she-“.


Luna, stuttering as he did

saw her being pushed into the emergency room covered in blood. It seems


eyes widened suddenly upon Lucas’



as if something exploded in her mind.

out of the ward toward the emergency room. She was just suspecting that Heather’s Riley

found out

Heather had bribed into ‘delivering’ her

alarm bells sounded

coming out of the filing room, she quickly called Heather. “I just ran into Luna in

body stiffened

did Luna manage to

hanging up the phone, Heather paced around her

and nurses that had been in the operation room with her, she was worried that one of them would crack if Luna were to offer

the consequences would be

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