Chapter 1763 

Luna was stunned as she listened to what Heather was saying, and her disbelief was written all over her face.

At the mention of Jason, Luna waited for a long time, but Heather did not continue.

Luna furrowed her brows and asked in a suppressed tone, “What about Jason?”

“I’m tired,” Heather sighed. She smiled a little and said her last sentence wispily, “The thing with Rosalyn has nothing to do with Joshua Lynch. He is a good man.”


Then, Heather’s head went limp, and she stopped breathing.

Luna lifted her head in shock. She reached out to see if Heather was still breathing.

She no longer was.

Luna looked at Heather’s eyes that dazedly gazed up at the ceiling, and she felt inexplicably heartbroken. Tears fell silently, but not because she was sorry for Heather. Heather ended up that way because of karma, and she deserved it.




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and Joshua are starting to investigate Heather’s death. Heather has been involved in too many things.

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