Chapter 1764 

Charlotte never thought that Heather had left her such a huge gift before she died!


Was Riley not the child of Heather and Malcolm?

Charlotte narrowed her eyes and took her phone out.

“Roanne, get me some bodyguards to accompany me to Heather’s mansion.”

If she took the child from Malcolm, she would not be afraid that Luna would disobey her.

However, Charlotte did not expect that when she, Roanne, and the bodyguards arrived at the mansion where Heather and Malcolm were staying, it was already empty.

Roanne led the men to search around the mansion, but there was no one to be found. She anxiously returned to Charlotte.

“What do we do now?”


squinted. “Since no one is staying


and Jim not investigating Heather’s death? Well, she

died and Malcolm vanished with the child, even burning the place to


not a

thinking. She furrowed her brows. “Charlotte, about

without the child called

to look at Roanne.

Jim thought of handing over Heather’s body to

married to Heather. The closest person to her should be Malcolm, and not the children of her adoptive

not get in touch with Malcolm. H e seemed to have vanished from

the Landrys’ butler fiercely as he

Heather, Heather still gave birth to

not only did Malcolm not show himself, he also did not let his

was his wife, yet he threw the responsibility of dealing with her funeral matters to the Landrys who

gently patted on the butler’s shoulder, signaling for him

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