Chapter 1765 

Luna looked to the side, not answering Jim’s question.


Looking at the scenery outside through the car window, Luna deftly changed the topic as she flatly remarked, “Jim, didn’t you say that you’ve sent someone to investigate Heather’s death? Was it truly an accident?”

Jim furrowed his brows and stopped harping on the previous question.

“It doesn’t look like a pure accident. There is usually no one in that area. Also, Merchant City has strict rules and controls on trucks. That truck shouldn’t have appeared there at that time. Not only did the truck appear, but it also coincidentally crashed into Heather on such a wide road, killing her.”


Jim looked out of the window and added, “Looks to me that it’s highly likely someone’s doing. Also, no one could contact Malcolm after Heather’s death. Not only did he empty the mansion that he and Heather were staying in, but he also burned it to the ground.”

Luna bit her lip and stayed silent for a while before saying, “Malcolm isn’t a reckless person. If it weren’t necessary, he wouldn’t have set the mansion on fire.”

Perhaps there were some important clues to why he hurt Heather in the mansion.

Jim naturally knew what Luna was thinking.


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