Chapter 1766 

“We want to see Gwen, but Luke’s guards are not letting us in no matter what.”


Theo even showed the bag in his hand to Joshua.

“We even brought some Sea City specialties from Gwen’s home to cheer her up.”

Joshua swept a glance at the things in Theo’s hands before laying his gaze on Luna’s face.

“Ms. Luna, what about you? Do you need help?”

Luna looked away and ignored him. After all, she was there together with Theo. If Joshua was t o help theo, that would mean helping her, too. She did not need to talk to Joshua.

Looking at her rather pale side-profile, Joshua smiled. His low voice was rather provoking as h e spoke, “If you don’t need help, I’ll just take Theo in.”

strode over and snatched over the bag of


you’re not going in, pass the things


to the guards and pointed at Theo. “This man is my friend. Can I take him

Luke. The guards, who treated Luna and Joshua strictly


to bring people in, how could

and only took

a long while at the entrance. In the end, she could no

tracks. He smiled a little, turned, and looked at her. “Ms. Luna, is there anything I can

bit her lip. “I want to go in,

smirked smugly. “If you’re asking for help,

Although she was reluctant, she still wanted to see Gwen. Thus, Luna took a deep breath and said reluctantly, “Mr. Lynch, please do me a favor and take me

Joshua smile. “Remember that you owe me

added, “Not

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