Chapter 1767 Charlotte sent Luna a photo of a paternity test. 

Luna saw the stamp and the anti-forgery code before. It could only be from a legitimate DNA diagnostic center.

Moreover, the paternity test had her name and Joshua’s!

Although the child’s name had been covered, she could still see clearly that the child had a 99.99% match with her and Joshua!

This was their child!


Luna looked at the photo on her phone, and her blood froze. She bit her lip, gripping her phone so tightly as she texted Charlotte a reply.

(Where did you get this from?]

Charlotte seemed to have expected this question from Luna. She replied quickly.

sincere. Not only did I help you find your daughter, but I have


my phone up, though. I’m disappointed, Luna. It looks like


did Luna

about it, she


Alas, it was

walked toward the mansion with Joshua and Theo

on her phone


was quick to react

He narrowed his eyes and asked,

so anxious to see Gwen a moment ago, yet at that moment, when they entered the compounds of the mansion before they could even enter the mansion, Luna was already distracted by a phone call and a

would be weird for Joshua

free from Joshua’s hand and shook her head. “I’m

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