Chapter 1769 Joshua’s words brought pin-drop silence into the room. 

Luna’s face turned terribly pale.


She did not understand; she had explained it all clearly back in Lincoln City. She already said that her trading herself for a one-night stand to get him to rescue Gwen was because she was too anxious. It was just a makeshift plan.

moment ago, when they were outside, Joshua said that she owed him twice, though she ignored it.

Since when did it become, in his eyes, that she used her body to trade for things or to use her body to beg him to take her in to see Gwen? She only misspoke due to desperation for saving Gwen and offended him. Must he use it to humiliate her that way?


At that thought, Luna was thankful that she did not tell Joshua about her child out of excitement in the garden a moment ago. Joshua was not worthy to know about it!

“Joshua, think before you speak.” Even if she was imprisoned, when Gwen heard Joshua’s words, she could not help but rebuke, “No matter what, Luna was once the woman that loved you the most. She even had four children with you! How could you talk about her in this way?”

Joshua sneered. He could not be bothered with Gwen to continue that topic.

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