Raising My Wife

Chapter 34 a Gift

Lily stood in front of that tie, turned around and asked Quincy, "how do you like it?"

Looking at the tie, which had a deep color, Quincy asked, "did you buy it for me?"

"What are you thinking about?" Lily looked at Quincy.

A shopping guide beside discovered that Lily was looking at a tie. She came over quickly, "Miss, are you choosing a tie for your boyfriend? Your boyfriend is so handsome. I'm so envious of you. You have a good taste, Miss. This tie is the newest one of our store with dark color, which looks steady and not grandiose. It's a suitable gift for your boyfriend. "

On hearing the saleswoman's words, Lily smiled. It seemed that this saleswoman regarded Quincy as her boyfriend.

"Of course she has good taste. Otherwise, why did she come to chase me? If she didn't chase me hard, I would not be together with her." Quincy said with a triumphant look.

Lily patted Quincy on her shoulders and turned to the saleslady, saying with a smile, "don't listen to her."

The shopping guide said sweetly, "I think both of you have a good taste. You must be very happy to be together."

Quincy and Lily burst into laughter, and then the saleswoman thought that her praise was just to the right point. She continued, "You two love each other so much. Why don't you buy this tie and give it to your boyfriend? He looks young. But this tie is suitable for all kinds of people. It looks mature and graceful. It's really a nice one." And it suits your boyfriend better than other styles. "

Quincy stopped laughing and pretended to be serious, "yes, I also like this one. Am I right, girlfriend? "

The shopping guide was confused why someone called her girlfriend like that, but she didn't say anything and just kept smiling. On the other hand, Lily did not intend to explain any more. If any misunderstanding was produced, just let it go. Anyway, Quincy was treating her as a girlfriend.

card with me, I have to pay for it with his money. It's

above 300 dollars. You can get a pair of cute cups for free, and it's couples style. Today, you can take them home together." The shopping guide quickly told them about the activities in her shop when she

Please help me wrap it." The shopping guide happily took off the tie and went to the front desk to pack it up.

"give it to the man!" It seemed like she

nothing. Seeing Lily's look, Quincy immediately

the packed tie and cups,

instead of buying me gifts, you choose for him. You are breaking my heart." Quincy

your back. It's a good opportunity to satisfy your wish." Lily stretched out

shouted without turning her head, "I'm not a fool. Chase me if you want me

and there was a broad smile on her

the people around

them were exhausted and panting. It cost them a lot of energy after the series of actions. Without the desire to continue to stroll,

sending Quincy back to her dorm, Lily took out a plastic cup and gave it to Quincy. "Hey, boyfriend. Although the tie isn't for you, you can get

take this as my reward

"all right, you can go in now. I'll wait for someone to pick me up. If

Quincy nodded.

in her hand and wondered if James would like it or not. She had been looking at what James usually used, either high-end or very luxurious. She had just thought about giving him a gift,

arrived soon. In the car, Lily

the villa, there were only Lara and Bill in the house. Lily looked at the time and found it was James' off duty time. Wondering why James wasn't there, Lara walked towards her and said, "Miss Lillias, you're back. Mr. James is working in his study. The dinner will be ready soon. Mr. James has come back for a long

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