Chapter 26 Your Sharp Eyes There was a black shirt hanging in the empty closet. Kisa frowned, wondering why there was a black shirt. Judging by its size, it should belong to Gilbert. She took it out.

“There were no Gilbert’s belongings in this room back then. So when was this shirt brought in here? Did the maid hang it here by mistake?’

It baffled her, but she did not harp on it for too long. She just put the shirt on. It was so big that it looked like an oversized dress on her body. And it smelled of tobacco, too. The thought that Gilbert might have worn this shirt before made her feel uncomfortable. But she could only put up with it while she went to see if her old clothes were still in the bedroom. She wondered if Gilbert had sent someone to pack her belongings in the basement. If he had not, she would have no clothes to change into.

She opened the bathroom door and hurriedly ran to the closet. As she opened the closet, it was full of her old clothes. It surprised her that none of her previous clothes had been thrown out


was delighted. Just when she was about to pick one and change into it, a dull, husky voice came from behind her. “You can’t wear your old clothes anymore. I have

not expecting Gilbert in the room. She turned around awkwardly and saw Gilbert sitting laggardly on the couch. He was staring at her with dark eyes. It was unnerving. “Wh-What are you doing here?” As far

a different kind of

‘Damn it.’

while since he last touched a woman. He could

have deliberately put on my shirt to seduce me, why cover it up and play hard to get?” “See? He always thinks of me in such a bad way.’ Grief and indignation rose in Kisa. She suddenly laughed and removed the clothing in front of her. “Your sharp eyes always see what is on my

water George had just poured,

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