Chapter 25 Returning to the Kooper Residence He saw the woman holding the wall, coughing in pain.

Gilbert looked impatient and sneered. “When did you become so frail? I have said it many times; there is really no need to pretend in front of me. It won’t work.”

Kisa quietly wiped away the blood from the corner of her mouth, looking at him with a forced smile on her pale face. “When did you acquire such a sharp eye that you could tell I’m faking it every time?” Her mockery was obvious.

Gilbert snorted and got into the car.

Kisa calmed her breathing down and fought back the severe pain in her lungs as she walked over slowly. He started the car as soon as she got in She was caught off guard and thrown back into the seat, causing her to cough violently. All that filled the cabin was the sound of her coughing

Gilbert was annoyed. He sneered, “That is a realistic cough. Those who are uninformed would think you had a real lung disease.”

hurt so much that

then faked a smile and said, “Since you are the CEO of GK Pictures, I have got to showcase my acting skills in front of you. Who knows if you

she covered her mouth tightly with her hand, trying desperately to fight back the urge to cough. She never wanted his sympathy. Never. When they arrived at the Kooper residence and got out


and stared sarcastically at her.

take a shower and tidy up first. You will scare my son with this terrible

in the mirror to know how scary she looked at the moment. In order to see Andrew quickly, she cooperated and

will stay in

her stunned kisa. It had been so long since anyone had called her

longer Mrs. Kooper,

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