Chapter 19 I’m Finally Dying “Kisa.” Lea called out in shock Gilbert was so shaken up that he subconsciously caught Kisa as she fell. “Wh-What is wrong with you?”

Perhaps even he himself did not notice his trembling voice.

Kisa stared at him dead in the eye and forced a smile on her wan face. The crimson bloodstain at the corners of her lips looked horrifying “I’m finally dying Gilbert, are you happy now?”

Gilbert subconsciously shook his head, eagerly trying to say something, but the woman in his arms slowly closed her eyes. All he heard was Lea’s crying and screaming and Sharon’s voice calling for a doctor. As if he did not hear all that, he carried the woman in her arms and ran straight to the emergency room. He accidentally knocked down many people as he ran, looking like a madman in the eyes of onlookers.

The emergency room light came on, and he was barred from entering

Sharon pulled him to sit on the bench and comforted him. “Kisa has always been in good health. Don’t worry too much.”

at the blood on his chest, his body tensing

he was at the moment, only the slightly trembling

said that she would die, Why didn’t you believe me? Do you know that those pills are the only thing that can prolong her life? What you knocked down was not just a bottle of

but say. Looking back at Gilbert, Sharon found he was still sitting in the same posture. He was expressionless and even looked cold blooded in the eyes of onlookers. But Sharon knew that he was scared. He was afraid that Kisa would really die. She clenched her hands

hurried over. “Which one of you is Andrew’s family? He is awake now and clamoring to


go see Andrew, quick. I will wait here and let you know as soon as the doctor comes out.”

jealous, wondering if Andrew was

is still small and weak. You should go to see him. Don’t

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