Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 10 A Special Contract

Gilbert looked at her with a frown. "What do you mean?"

"I heard Ariella say that she still has a special contract with Kisa in place."

"A special contract?"

"Yeah. Wasn't she Ariella's assistant before?"

Gilbert looked at her and waited for her to continue.

"If Ariella is the one who dismisses Kisa, then Ariella is to pay her a sky-high amount of compensation. Of course, if it is Kisa who resigns, Kisa is to pay Ariella a considerable amount of money. With that contract in place, Kisa has to return to Ariella as an assistant, and you can find Kisa easily then."

"Who drew up the contract?"

No one in their right mind would sign such an unreasonable contract. It was akin to binding the two together. Yet Ariella and Kisa had signed it. As a female artiste, Ariella would not ask her lawyer to draw up such a contract. Kisa was not capable of drawing up such a contract either. So Gilbert wondered from where such a contract had come.

asked Ariella, and she

boss?" Gilbert narrowed his eyes slightly, thinking

Kisa has threatened you with your child in words before. But this time, her holding Andrew hostage must be a last resort. After all, she must have gone through a lot to end up like this; survival must be hard. I hope you won't pursue those things

possible?" Gilbert sneered, "The evil things she did can never be forgotten. She

eventually come out of her coma. You should start letting

his grandmother, the hatred inside Gilbert grew even stronger. "No way I'm going to forgive

not accept that even though he


endured the pain in her ankle and drove the car

to Andrew indifferently. "I will inform your father. He will come to pick you

did not respond. Instead, he lowered his head in thought for a long time before looking up at

Kisa frowned. "Follow me?"

hurriedly nodded

be a liability following me, and there is no reason for me to take you with me." Kisa balked. The child might have helped her escape, but he was Gilbert and another woman's son. The sight of him

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