Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 11 One Foot in the Grave

It was Ariella calling. She lived in an upscale bachelor pad.

When Kisa rushed over, Ariella was triumphantly fiddling with the contract agreement on her desk. Kisa was depressed at seeing the contract she had signed five years ago.

She had survived the fire five years ago, but she contracted some nasty disease and suffered severe burns on the body, her appearance horrible. She had to take expensive medication every day to prolong her life. But because of her frightening appearance and failing health, she simply could not find a job and did not even have the money to survive.

The mystery person who saved her later introduced her to be Ariella's assistant on the condition that she would sign a contract. She signed the contract without giving it a second thought because all she was concerned about at the time was survival. But now, thinking back, she felt something strange with the contract, and she did not know why the mystery person wanted her to sign a contract like that.

It was a pity she did not know who the mystery person was and had never met the person. Otherwise, she could have asked face to face.

Ariella looked at her with a smile on her face. "I heard you're quitting. Here, take a look at the figure on this, and then prepare to pay me a lump sum."

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