Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 13 He Kisses Her

"Who is it?" Because it was late at night, she did not dare to open the door but asked in a deep voice. No one answered outside, but the knocking was incessant. She panicked but kept her breath steady.

"I won't open the door until you make a sound."

The rapping on the door continued for a few more beats before a low, suppressed yell came. "Kisa Becker!"

She shuddered. 'It is Gilbert's voice. He is still haunting her like a ghost. I should have known it; as long as I'm still in this city, I can never get away from him. But is he coming here in the middle of the night to settle a score with her, or to get his son back?'

"Open up! Kisa, open up!"

Kisa was so afraid of him that she would not open the door. She dragged the table over to block the door, crawled under the covers, and waited quietly, thinking he would leave when he had had enough.

As expected, there was no sound outside after a short while. She waited for a while longer to make sure there was no sound outside before she got up and dragged the table away. After that, she cautiously opened the door.

A gust of icy wind rushed in, and she pulled her collar closer to herself. She then poked her head out, and then in the next moment, she saw a figure. Her heart missed a beat, and she hurried to close the door, but it was too late. A large hand pushed against the door, preventing it from closing. Before she could react, a powerful force dragged her out.


against the wall, and he reeked of alcohol. Under the dim light in the hallway, she saw the man's scarlet eyes and murderous look, as

Don't forget, your son is still with

he would love to cut through her chest and see what color her

you wanted to threaten me that you deliberately conceived with my


he has always seen her. No wonder he didn't like

to tell him that was not the case, that the pregnancy was an accident, that she never wanted to threaten him with the child, but she loved

throat. She figured that since he was so disgusted with her, telling him all that

not that? Since you loathe me so much, could I

Gilbert clutched her shoulders with force, hating her so much that he wished he could crush her shoulder blades. "An evil woman like

"What do you

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