Chapter 21 A Lady Came Making a Scene Outside the Kooper residence, Lea kept rapping on the gate and shouting Gilbert’s name. No one responded to her. After an hour, some bodyguards came out to chase her away.

Lea cried out in despair. She should have known better that Gilbert, who hated kisa and wanted her dead so much, would not save Kisa. It was whimsy to think that he would help. She regretted coming to beg that cold blooded man.

Behind a window on the second floor, Sharon watched with a smug on her face as Lea went.

She wants to save that woman? Heck! Dream on!’

Shortly after Lea had left, a can drove into the compound. George carefully carried Andrew, who had just been discharged from the hospital, into the house, with Ada following along.

As he came into the house, Sharon greeted him and said gently, “You can just leave Andrew to me.”

“It is alright, Ms. Case. I will just carry him to his room.” George avoided Sharon and headed upstairs.

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“What is it, baby?”

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for his children and she was the most suitable candidate, she would not have let these two illegitimate children live. But what Sharon had not expected was that Gilbert would rather let these his children grow up in a single-parent home than marry her. She

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