Chapter 24 Addicted to Acting “Did you get addicted to acting, so much so that you even prepared your tears in advance after guessing I would come?” Gilbert snickered as he looked into Kisa’s teary red eyes.

“It is just a pity that even if you cry yourself to death in front of me, I won’t spare you a glance. Save your breath and stop acting pathetic in front of me.” The thought of her faking her dying that day made him sick and outraged.

Kisa forced a self-deprecating smile. ‘He forever feels that I’m faking my tears as if I wouldn’t feel sad or upset. But when Sara was in tears, he clearly felt sorry for her. That’s the difference between love and hate.!

Unyielding, she wiped the tears froin the corners of her eyes. “What are you doing here?”

“Heck! Don’t you even care to ask about Andrew after causing Andrew to fall sick? You are really cold blooded and selfish.”

Kisa felt uptight at the mention of Andrew, yet her tone of voice was unconcerned when she said, “That’s your child, not mine.”

“You-“Gilbert was so affronted that he wished he could strangle her, but he held back.

If you have any conscience at all, then take care of

he think I made Andrew sick on purpose? Didn’t he think I was targeting Andrew to get back at him? Why is he suddenly asking me to take care of Andrew again? Won’t he afraid that I would hurt Andrew again? Heck! He must be thinking of torturing and humiliating me again in some ways.’ With this in mind, she said in a nonchalant tone of voice, “You have a personal doctor at home and countless maids. There is no need

that difficult for you to take care of him? You’d rather fake your death in front of

I to take

Kisa’s voice trailed off, Gilbert grabbed her by the collar

him sick.” Gilbert gritted liis teeth and glared at her.” Kisa, you better behave and go

hers. Otherwise,

out of her coma, with no semblance of strength in her body, and there was a throbbing pain in

was as pale as a sheet of paper and her weight frighteningly light. He felt like he was not lifting a

her death in front of him enraged him. He lost his mind and threw her hard to the ground. “If not for Andrew insisting on seeing you, do you think I would let you get close to him?” Kisa curled up on the floor in

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