Chapter 27 Do Yourself a Favor Kisa was shocked, but she still brazened it out. “But you asked me to take care of Andrew. Are you trying to chase me away again?”

Gilbert held her down by her bony shoulders, gasping as his eyes landed on the corner of her lifted shirt, where he got a glimpse of her skin underneath.

‘This damn ugly woman is still so seductive.’

He gritted his teeth and stared at her for a long while. He then got up and said coldly, “I’m telling you, since you’re here to take care of Andrew, then take care of him sincerely. Otherwise, you will regret it.” “Heh, why did you call me here if you were so worried?” “You think I want to?” Gilbert pushed her away in disgust. “You’d better do yourself a favor by treating my children with sincere care.”

With that, he left the room without sparing her another glance. ‘Do myself a favor?’ Kisa let out a sarcastic smile. ‘How vicious and unethical does he think I am that I need to do myself a favor?’ Not long after Gilbert left, George brought her clothes. Her old clothes no longer fitted her. They looked ridiculously big on her. With her bony body, it was almost impossible to get clothes that fit.

enough, the clothes George sent her fitted her perfectly

The children’s room–

a pillow, accompanied by a

the door, and Ada was sitting on the edge of the bed with him. When Ada saw it

up on the bed and burst into tears

her throat upon seeing this. She knew she should not have any feelings for these two children. But in this case,

they liave to blame you?” See? Even a child can reason better than those adults.’ Kisa walked over and chuckled. “So,

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