Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 14 Why Should I?

Kisa's eyes widened in shock in an instant. She could not believe that he was kissing her.

'Isn't he disgusted with me?'

Kisa came to her senses and struggled to break free. But Gilbert suddenly rested his head on her shoulder, motionless. She quietly calmed herself down and gave him a push. "Gilbert, you…"

Just then, he fell limply to the ground. It was apparent that he had one too many.

Kisa sneered as she figured Gilbert had just mistaken her for Sara. That would explain why he kissed her. She shot a faint look at the man on the floor, then spun around and went back inside. While she was leaning her back against the cold door, an evil thought came to her mind.

'If Gilbert freezes to death outside tonight, I will have avenged my child's death, and there will be no more threats to my life going forward. But…'

She hesitated as she looked over at Andrew, who was sleeping soundly on the bed. She realized that Andrew and Ada were good kids. She would feel sorry for them if they lost their father. Besides, she had not proven her innocence to Gilbert yet, so she would not let Gilbert die just like that.

Kisa wrestled with herself in her mind for a long time before she pulled the door open again. After much effort, she finally dragged Gilbert, who had blacked out, into the house. With a thin blanket on the floor, he let Gilbert sleep on one side of the blanket and pulled the other side over his body.

This was all she could do to this man. At the very least, she did not take the opportunity to take revenge on him. Besides, there was no extra quilt in her house, and there was not even a sofa.

The following day, Gilbert woke up with a terrible hangover, feeling cold and his head going to explode. He looked around and saw Kisa and Andrew sleeping soundly in bed. His face darkened the moment he realized he was lying on the floor. 'This goddamn woman has left me sleeping on the floor, but there is apparently still plenty of space on the bed.' He got up and quietly walked to the bedside with his hand clenched at his sides.

In her sleep, Kisa sensed a pair of icy, piercing eyes staring at her. At last, that stare jolted her out of her sleep. But she woke up with no one beside her bed. She thought of Gilbert and hurriedly looked at the floor again. The blanket was crumpled into a ball, and he was long gone.

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"Ma'am, I'm so thirsty."


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"But I feel hot."

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