Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 9 Do You Know Who You're Holding Hostage?

"Kisa Becker!"

Gilbert gritted his teeth and growled her name. He wished he could strangle this heartless woman who was holding his son hostage in order to escape. He clenched his fists with blue veins popping up on the back of his hands, his face ashen.

Kisa looked at his grim, murderous face and smiled bleakly. 'He must hate me even more. But it doesn't matter anymore.' She gripped the knife tightly, looked into Gilbert's icy eyes, and said in a deep voice, "Let me go."

Coming back with him was Sharon. After five years, Sharon had become even more beautiful, dressed up fashionably and with classy makeup, looking like a movie star. When Sharon saw her, she obviously froze for a moment, followed by a touch of surprise and delight surfacing on her face.

"Kisa, you're really alive."

Kisa ignored her. She just kept a close eye on Gilbert.

She told herself she had to get out of here today, as she knew that someone as astute as Gilbert would have quickly seen that Andrew was deliberately helping her escape. If you could not escape this time, Gilbert would prevent his two children from coming near her again, and then she would lose any chance of escaping.

Gilbert approached with a murderous look on his face. "Do you know who you are holding hostage?"

"It is your son."

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