Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 2 Running Away

It was still the same cold, unforgiving voice that Kisa would remember to the day she died. She trembled, filled with grief and fear, telling herself she must not let him recognize her.

She lay on the floor and swept her eyes around. Her gaze finally fixated on the hotel's back exit. A second later, she sprang to her feet and ran as fast as she could for the exit.

"Get her!" a stern voice shouted.

Kisa's knees went weak as she was scared. She hurriedly overturned the signages and banners to slow down the security guys coming after her. Running out the back exit, Kisa still did not dare let up but ran toward the side aisle. The sound of hurried footsteps came from behind her, but she did not dare look back. She just ran for her life as if a terrifying demon was chasing her.

Gilbert went out of the hotel and searched around in a panic but never saw Kisa.

Meanwhile, Sharon and Davian Park, Gilbert's assistant, also rushed out after Kisa. Sharon asked Gilbert anxiously, "Gilbert, what's wrong? I have heard you're chasing a woman."

Gilbert ignored her. The anxious look in his eyes told her he was looking for someone.

moment, a fleeting awful premonition hit Sharon, and she looked at Gilbert cautiously, "You think that woman

been atoned for, and she will never get away with it in this life," Gilbert

someone to find the woman who has just fled. Make sure you find her." Gilbert looked anxious, his face

even then, Gilbert was still not assured.

years since Kisa's death. What makes her stir the heart of this man? I wish he has mistaken someone for her. Kisa is dead, and her

a small, humid

a ball,


better die

how the child comes about, don't you? The child

that filled her ears were the cold, heartless words that Gilbert uttered to her. She

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