Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 35 You're Really Into Him


Just as Kisa took a bite, an ear-splitting sound was heard as Gilbert furiously swept the dishes off the table.

He stood in front of the table, looking at her coldly. "You're a real lowlife, Kisa."

Kisa ignored him as she fought back the discomfort in her stomach and continued to eat the hot and spicy chicken on the floor. She thought as long as she finished all the ones left on the floor, she could help Howard get that role back. With this in mind, she ate more and more rapidly, and because of that, she choked. She propped herself up on the floor again and coughed violently. Her hoarse, unpleasant coughing sound was reverberating in the living room. It sounded extraordinarily harsh to the ears.

Sharon hurriedly said pretentiously, "Gilbert, Kisa is coughing so hard. Could she be really sick? Forget it, Gilbert. Don't let her eat this."

"Heh!" Gilbert sneered as he looked down at the woman who was prostrate and coughing violently on the floor. "You should at least pretend to be begging. Do you know that this pretentious look of yours is really disgusting to the extreme?"

Kisa's heart was dead. She clenched her hands, fighting back the stinging pain in her throat. She then grabbed a hot and spicy chicken up from the floor again and shoved it into her mouth, regardless.

When Gilbert saw this, he was even more irritated. He clenched his hands by his side, and after a long while, he suddenly snickered. "I have suddenly changed my mind."

jerked as she suppressed her cough and asked in a hoarse

smirked as he turned around and

became desperate and scrambled to her feet to give chase. "Gilbert, what do you mean? Say

being back in the Kooper residence." Sharon's smile

to live in the Kooper residence that makes you


really want to live here, you can go talk to Gilbert. But

gritted her teeth and glared at her. Those lustrous eyes were

chase Gilbert upstairs. Before this, she did not

cough violently again. And the few pieces of hot and spicy chicken she had just eaten were now causing havoc inside her, her stomach churning in pain. She fought back the pain. Thinking

finish eating the hot and spicy chicken on the floor, but now he is backtracking on this. I even gave up my life and dignity for this. How could he play me like that?' The more she thought about

said coldly, but he did not bother

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