Chapter 23 Did He Come To See Me? Kisa had a long, long dream. She dreamed of her skipping class and climbing over the school wall, ending up falling into the arms of a good-looking teenager. His first reaction was to throw her to the ground. Kisa later learned that the teenager’s name was Gilbert Kooper.

Kisa’s mother, on her deathbed, told Kisa that if she met someone named Gilbert during her lifetime, she must guard him with her life because she owed him. She had no idea what her mother was trying to say, but because of her mother’s words, she started to please the teenager named Gilbert in every way.

It was just that Gilbert did not like her and always bad-mouthed her. But in her dream, even though Gilbert was annoyed with her, she still felt happy. Despite him being annoyed with her, he never went back on his words when he promised her something

There was no aching despair in the dreams until blood slowly flooded her dreams. A child was calling for his mother, his voice choking with sorrow and helplessness. She searched desperately, and her heart ached. Finally, she saw the back of a little boy, and she ran over to him with delight. But just as her hands touched the little boy, he suddenly turned into a cloud of blood mist. She collapsed and screamed, desperately trying to grab him, but nothing was caught.

“No. Come back. Come back.”

Kisa woke up in tears, staring blankly at the peeling ceiling above her head as if she was still immersed in the terrible dream she had just had. Lea rushed over and shed tears of joy. “Kisa, you’re finally awake.” Kisa paused for a long time before looking at her, her voice so hoarse that it sounded like it came from a machine. “How long have I been asleep?”

internal organs were damaged, almost incurable, and hospitalization would not help with your condition. He recommended I bring you back to recuperate. Then, when you had a high fever and vomited a lot of blood, the doctors said you were dying. I was scared to death, afraid that you would never

now. Don’t cry.” Her voice was even huskier than before, her lips

a tearful smile, “I’m so happy that you have come out of your coma.” Looking at Lea’s crying and laughing face, Kisa gave her heartfelt thanks. “I’m so

eventually caused her stomach to atrophy in the long run. Now she could at least eat something, but not much, which was why she was so skinny, And years of taking medication led to problems with her liver. Her body was really at the end of its rope, and what saddened her even more was that she had become a burden to her best

you don’t need to take care of me. I don’t know how

crap. You survived a great disaster back then, and you will be blessed from now

she could still live another five years, then it was already a gift from

she vomited blood and fainted, Kisa hesitated for a while before saying, “I had been

who Kisa was talking about and was furious at the mention of Gilbert. “Don’t mention him again. He left while you were still in the emergency room, and he never showed up again when you were transferred out of the hospital. I even went to his

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