Chapter 20 What Should I Do to Save You? “Where is she? Where is Kisa?”

Having soothed Andrew, Gilbert came over and saw the emergency room door wide open. There was not a single doctor inside, and Kisa was nowhere to be found.

Sharon looked at the anxiety in Gilbert’s eyes, and her heart was filled with jealousy. However, her expression remained gentle. “Take it easy, Gilbert. Andrew’s condition-”

Gilbert hissed at Sharon, not waiting for her to finish. “I’m asking about Kisa?”

She was stunned Gilbert had never yelled, not even raised his voice at her like that, since she was young Jealousy filled her heart,

But she was a natural actress. She could maintain that gentle and innocent look even if she was jealous to the point of frenzy, “Don’t worry, Gilbert Kisa is fine.”

fine after vomiting so much blood?” Gilbert was frantic and searched everywhere outside the emergency room. While

you just brought in was nothing serious. She is out of the hospital now. She didn’t

body. She is thin but healthy. As for this bottle of pills…” The doctor took out the bottle that Gilbert had just knocked down to the ground. “It’s just a

Vitamin tablets? Heck!”

deceived everyone, Kisa.” The doctor glanced at him sheepishly and hurriedly

Gilbert, “I think Kisa has her own reasons for lying to you. She must be afraid that you would chastise her for causing Andrew to fall sick, so she pulled this trick, trying to gain your sympathy. Don’t be angry with her.” “She has her


day after tomorrow is my thirteenth birthday. Will you spend


was sick, and he believed it. And now that she said she was

that exploded inside him seemed as if they could destroy the world. He told himself that he would not fall for her lie again-never again. In the chilly basement– Kisa was lying on the bed, shaking her head incessantly. She looked in pain, with sweat

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