Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 36 Pleasing Him

Kisa was stunned, seemingly not expecting him to ask her such a question out of the blue.

Looking at her dumbfounded look, Gilbert just thought she was acquiescing, and he got even more furious. "Get the hell out of here." The last person he wanted to see now was this woman. He was worried that he would lose control and strangle her.

Kisa felt that the reason the man got angry was strange. Besides, he had thousands of ways to get back at her. She wondered why he had to harp on the issue of Howard, who seemed irrelevant. Meanwhile, the pain in her stomach was getting more and more unbearable. She knew she could not stay long in the presence of this man; she had to solve the problem of Howard as soon as possible. So she gritted her teeth to endure the pain and frowned at the grave-looking man. "I know you hate me and are disgusted with me. You can do whatever you want to me. Just please give Howard back his role."

'Howard, Howard! Heh, this woman really can't stop mentioning that man.' Perhaps he was mad with anger. Gilbert suddenly laughed slyly. "You really love that man, eh?"


"Fine. I can give him that role back."

of it when she heard what he said. She stared

his cigarette and said slowly, "Please me. If you make me happy, I will give him back

he disgusted with me? Why would he want me to please him? Not to mention the fact that I'm as ugly as hell now. He must be trying

stared at her with an indifferent smile. "Aren't you willing to sacrifice anything for that

told herself that it was just humiliation, which she

it's hard to say then." Gilbert stared at her with cold eyes. He did not even know why he was so furious, only

eyes. "Okay,

but when he heard her agree to it, he became even more irritable and felt

him. As she gradually smelled his breath, her body trembled. "Gilbert, keep your word. Otherwise, I won't

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