Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 33 Since You're Begging Me, Behave Likewise

Sharon greeted her warmly and pulled her toward the dining table.

Two boxes of hot and spicy chicken were placed on the table. Looking at the packaging, Kisa recognized it was the same hot and spicy chicken they used to eat when they were young. She subconsciously looked at Gilbert, only to see him staring at her with icy eyes and a smirk.

Kisa pulled her hand back. "You guys eat. I'm not hungry." She could not eat the hot and spicy chicken because she had a terrible stomach now, not to mention that it was Sharon who bought it, and she felt sick of her.

Sharon suddenly looked disappointed and said, "I remember your favorite food is this. I even went to stand in line for half an hour after work just to buy it. Are you really not going to eat some?"

"Sorry, I don't like chicken right now."

"Heh." Gilbert sneered. "I saw you enjoy a chicken thigh for lunch so much this noon. Apparently, food from your own sister is not as good as that of a random man." Gilbert's tone of voice was sarcastic to the core.

Kisa was too dizzy and tired to dwell on this with him.

a low voice, "Can I talk

to talk about? Then I will go home first." Sharon said. She picked up her handbag and

was the only one who treated her the best. When she was chastised by her father, it was also Sharon who secretly gave her food to eat and quilts to cover her. At that time,

Sharon had just taken two steps away. He closed the magazine in his hands and snorted at Kisa. "If you have something to say, just say it here. If

was furious, her fingernails digging into the flesh of her palms as she tried to

"Kisa, don't quarrel because of me. I will make myself scarce if it is something

Kisa was tired of seeing Sharon pretend. She closed her eyes and hummed. "It is not something shameful, so there is

said slowly, "Please return Howard's role to him. It was me who offended you. If you have anything, you come

in his chest. Gilbert looked at her with icy eyes while suppressing his anger. "Who do you think you are to ask me to give him

"I beg you."

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