Chapter 28 The Mysterious Person An icy voice of mockery came from overhead.

“You really can’t stop pretending, can you? With such superb acting skills, you should have become an actress instead of just working as an assistant. What a waste of talent.” Kisa clenched her fists, trying desperately to keep herself awake. She stood up with difficulty from his arms and beamed at him. “Yeah, it really is a waste of my talent. How about you sign me up under GK?”

He found Kisa’s pale smile glaring. He found her acting so good that it looked genuine despite knowing it was fake. Had he not already known her malevolent intention, he would have bought into her pretense.

Seeing the man’s eyes become colder and more disgusted, Kisa fought back the discomfort in her body and smirked. “That’s strange. How did you happen to be here? Could it be that you have been guarding me outside the door all night?” She knew that this man could not have guarded lier. She said so just to troll him.

Gilbert could hear hier sarcasm. “Guard you? In your dream, Kisa. I’m just afraid you will do something crazy at night because you are so vicious-minded.” Kisa sneered. “If that is the case, you really shouldn’t have let me stay here. I’m sorry for the trouble.”

Gilbert snorted and looked away as if he was tired of looking at her. Neither did Kisa want to dwell on it, so she sidled away and prepared to leave. But Gilbert suddenly tugged at her. “Where do you think you’re going?” It was obviously a questioning tone. Kisa jerked her arm back hard and sneered. “Do you even want to control me when I go to work?”

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I have found out who Ariella’s boss is. Her name is Amy Robinson. She was once an actress with a little fame. She set up a studio and signed Ariella up. But when I mentioned the contract, she had just a smattering of

Gilbert frowned.

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