Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 18 You're a Piece of Trash

Kisa clenched her hands at her side, her body trembling from rage. 'How can he say the child is better off gone? It was his child. How can he?'

Gilbert tilted his head, and a fingerprint gradually emerged on his handsome face.

"You are dead!" He growled and abruptly grabbed her by the neck and pushed her against the icy wall forcefully.



Lea and Sharon rushed forward, trying to break them up, but Gilbert swatted them away.

He glared at Kisa's reddened, ugly face and sneered. "You think I will believe you if you show your love and affection for that child? Had you loved that child, you should have died with that child. Why do you still want to live?"

Kisa was so heartbroken that she almost choked. 'Yeah, why am I still alive? The moment I saw the child's body, I should have died with the child. Why am I still struggling on while at death's door?'

A moment of grief hit her, and she felt her heart tearing apart. She looked at Gilbert's disdainful face and said, "You're right. I shouldn't be alive. I should have been there for that child. Gilbert, kill me, kill me."

could tell whether it was because her words

pushed Gilbert away.

sounded like he had heard a joke. "If she could die so easily, she

"Can't you see she is in pain? You know nothing. She's been relying on medications to keep her going because her body has already reached its

pain, her face turning pale because of

recalled her deception and malice. "Stop looking for

was so infuriated that she gritted

herself to get up and tugged at Lea's

speaking, she looked at Gilbert and forced a smile. "You

side, his eyes full of

clutched her hands to keep herself from collapsing. She told herself she must hold on

had wanted to leave long ago. Just as the elevator doors opened, she hurriedly helped Kisa to go inside without a word. But Gilbert grabbed Kisa's

can't leave until Andrew

it is best to let him see that person when he wakes up.' Remembering what the doctor had just said, Gilbert

in so much pain that she broke out in a cold sweat and could

"So, you mean if Andrew never woke up, Kisa would have to stay

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