Chapter 30 Does She Deserve It? “Mr. Kooper is coming. He is coming this way.” Kisa’s heart skipped a beat, and she was so frightened that she almost dropped the lunchbox. “This is obviously the quietest place backstage. Why would Gilbert come here?’

She looked up with a pale face and saw Gilbert walking past her, not glancing askance. He made his way to Sharon, who was not far away. ‘What the hell? Why is Sharon here?

Kisa’s dizzy and aching head hurt even more now. She should have known better than to squat hiere. Good thing Gilbert did not seem to notice her. While secretly celebrating, she suddenly found an extra chicken thigh in her lunchbox. She looked over in surprise and saw Howard’s gentle, smiling face.

“You -”

not in the mood to dwell on the chicken thigh with Howard. When she felt a pair of icy eyes staring at her, she could not help but look in Gilbert’s direction. However, she found that he was not looking at her. That is strange. Could it be that I’m too nervous and have an illusion?’ “Gilbert, I remember that Kisa also likes this spicy chicken. Why

her ugly habit of pleasing men remained. Look at that flattering smile; how disgusting.’ “Raine, you are just too thin. You will surely look better

sinile politely, hoping that Gilbert would leave quickly From time to time, there was a buzz in her ears, all about Gilbert and Sharon’s gossip. They said that Gilbert would visit Sharon whenever she was shooting, and every time he visited, he would bring Sharon her favorite spicy chicken. Kisa felt sad at the thought of spicy chicken. When they were young, spicy chicken was a favorite dish for the three of them. Gilbert loathed her, but he would always bring

Kisa was shocked and subconsciously backed away, but toward suddenly grabbed her waist and said in a deep

Gilbert’s face had darkened as chatters

bitch is Ariella’s assistant, right? Tsk, she is superb

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