Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 32 She Lost the Bet

"Davian, drive."

He spelled out the words as she stared at Kisa's angry, stubborn, and pale face.

Davian was dilemmatic. "But Miss Becker is still in the way."

Gilbert sneered. "Drive, and I will take the blame if anything happens."


"One more word of nonsense from you, and you will be out of the job."

Davian instantly shut up and glanced at Kisa in a predicament, then closed his eyes and stepped on the gas pedal with gritted teeth. 'This couple really wants to kill each other when they argue. Mrs. Kooper, this is an order from Mr. Kooper. Please don't blame me,' Davian thought to himself.

But in the nick of time, someone sprang out and pulled Kisa to the side as the car whizzed. Davian

isn't even afraid of

found Gilbert staring dead in the rearview mirror. He could not help but glance in the rearview mirror again and saw a handsome man with a clean-cut look hugging Kisa. 'Whew, that should be the man who just

only met a short while ago." Gilbert suddenly sneered with frosty eyes. "No wonder she refused the 100 million dollars earlier and stayed on the set even

sound. Gilbert's voice reeked of jealousy, but he might not be aware of

much that he wanted her dead,

the hell were you doing?" Howard stared at her with a frown, his tone reproachful. "It is just a role. Why would

one who dragged you into this. Don't worry. No matter what, I won't let you lose this role." She did not want to

in Howard's eyes, and he said carefully, "You said Mr. Kooper was taking revenge on you?

and I will definitely get you back on this role," Kisa said with determination. Even though she now looked not so pleasing to the eyes, her eyes were sparklingly bright when she

smiled. "Okay, then I will wait for you, but promise me you will only do your best and not do anything

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