Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 6 You're Looking For Trouble

Gilbert looked at her reddened face. He suddenly came to his senses and let go of her.

Kisa coughed violently and slumped down the wall as a sudden burst of fresh air rushed into her lungs. She was trembling terribly because of the cough. Under Gilbert's condescending gaze, she looked like a gnat struggling to stay alive.

"Don't worry. I won't kill you. But I will make your life worse than death."

Kisa ended up being locked up in the garret by Gilbert. She desperately kicked and punched the door, which was locked, and hissed in a frenzy. "Let me out. Who are you to lock me up? I gave my life back to you five years ago; why are you locking me up now? Let me out. Let me out."

"You had it coming to you five years ago." Gilbert's bitter words came through the door. "Grandma hasn't woken up yet, and Sara hasn't been found. As long as you live, you are to pay for what you have done." He forced the last sentence through his teeth, carrying a full load of hatred and disgust.

Kisa lay helplessly on the floor, a familiar pain hitting her in the heart. She did not understand how a man could be so heartless. 'Does he really want me to die before letting me go?'

But Kisa would not resign to fate. She died once to pay him back for saving her life five years ago. Now, she owed him nothing, and he had no right to take her life. This life of hers was now her own, and no one may take it away. She fought back the grief and anger, got to her feet, and looked around, telling herself she had to find a way out of here. Otherwise, the ruthless Gilbert would torture her to death. After looking around the garret once, her eyes landed on a wooden shanty window.

It got dark quickly on winter days.

strength. As the wooden window opened, an icy wind blew in, causing her to cough violently. The cough almost made her battered body fall apart. She waited a while for the cough to subside and then looked out the window. It crept her out because her location was at

to the horror of being captured by Gilbert. Even if she was unlucky and jumped to her death, it was better than being tortured to death

so painful that she could not stand up for a while. But she

get up. Bracing the pain, she limped


injury on her ankle. She told herself that she must get away from that man, no matter what. As hurried footsteps approached, she was sweating anxiously. But she gritted her teeth and

dazzling pair of headlights swept in her direction, and then she heard the screeching sound of tires. Kisa fell to the ground in a heap. Her knees were just an inch away from the front of the car. Her heart was beating wildly, her body trembling uncontrollably at the sight of the man stepping

up, his face grim and terrifying. "Kisa, you really

me." She

He carried her in stride

the garret again, Kisa almost broke down mentally. She got up, limped toward Gilbert, and hissed. "What do you want? If

toward the open window before he walked out with an expressionless face. The door slammed shut. Kisa broke down and shouted, but there was no response,

grief and anger slowly turning into a helpless plea. "Gilbert, please let me go. It was my fault. I shouldn't have loved you. Please let me go. I swear I will never love you and

hand holding a tray tightened, his obscure face

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