Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 15 Something Happens to Andrew

She looked up and was surprised to see a handsome face.

It was Howard Mullen, the second male lead character in the Goddess of My Adoration drama series.

Howard helped up Kisa like a gentleman and frowned at Ariella. "I remember you are playing the heroine's mother, right? Only half an episode is scheduled for the afternoon, so why are you rushing your assistant like this?"

Howard used to be an obscure actor and had been paired with Ariella before, so Kisa still had an impression of him. It was just that she and Howard had never spoken. It really surprised her this time that Howard stood up for her.

Ariella squinted at Howard. "She is my assistant. It is my business how I discipline her. Besides, you landed on the role of the second male lead just by luck, so why are you a busy body here?"

Howard did not dwell on the issue with her but looked at Kisa with concern. "Are you okay?"

Kisa shook her head. "Thanks a lot just now."

"No problem at all." Howard smiled and left.

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