Chapter 405 You Better Protect Her For Life.

'Gilbert indulged Sharon in harming me, but on the other hand, he saved and cared for me. Is pleasing Sharon my life's sole purpose? As long as Sharon is happy, it doesn't matter if I am harmed or killed.' Kisa pursed her lips and held back her tears.

"Anyways, I have to thank you for saving me today. After all, you were willing to save me despite us being enemies. It must have been hard for you," Kisa said and pushed the car door, wanting to exit the vehicle.

Gilbert grabbed her hand, "Why must you think like that? I said I'm willing to give up everything for you, I said I love you, I care for you. Why must you think that I'm putting on an act and faking it? Kisa, what else must I do to make you believe me?"

held a deep vulnerability and exhaustion within. Kisa too was in a mess. She had warned herself multiple times to stop crying for this

to him, " How many times has Sharon hurt me? When have you not helped

words came to him. 'The person Kisa likes is Jensen. She rejected my confession and feelings last time. Why should I bring contempt upon myself by telling the same old reason

grudges could never be resolved. My

and scoff to her. What more do I have to say about this? ' Gilbert pursed his lips, slowly letting

end and let out a fleer, " I'm already used to you always protecting her. Well, you better protect

coldly and got out of the car without turning back. She staggered and fell to the ground once she got out of the car due to exhaustion. Gilbert was worried and hurried down,

Kisa wore wet clothes and was frightened and drenched in the rain for a long time. She felt very uncomfortable. Kisa even shivered when a gust of cool

looked at the figure with resentment. The feeling he was suppressing within was making him go crazy. He gritted his teeth and

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