Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 34 You Think I'm Blind?

"Kisa!" Gilbert gritted his teeth and snorted, almost wanting to slap her in the face.

"I didn't use any strength. She fell down by herself," Kisa said expressionlessly.

"You think I'm blind?"

'You are already blind,' Kisa said in her mind. Even if she was physically weak, she would not show it or back down.

Gilbert stared at her unruly face and wished he could strangle her.

Just then, Sharon put her hand to her bruised waist and said softly, "Gilbert, don't blame Kisa. It was my fault. She obviously doesn't like this hot and spicy chicken now. It was my fault that I forced it on her."

Sharon's words reminded him of the way Kisa ate the chicken's thigh at noon, and he was filled with fury. 'Does she like Howard so much that even the chicken's thigh from that man smells extra good?' He took a deep breath, fought back the anger, and sneered at Kisa. "Don't you want me to give that role back to Howard?"

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