Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 17 Are You Even Human?

Kisa took a deep breath and quickly fought back her sadness.

"Kisa," Sharon walked up to her with a clear tone of reproach, "How on earth did you take care of Andrew? You can't just mistreat him because he is Gilbert's child with someone else. The child is innocent."

"What do you mean?" Lea immediately said defiantly. "What do you mean mistreat? No one would expect the child to get sick, okay? And when he is sick, Kisa is also anxious, okay?"

"But why was it such a coincidence that Andrew got sick just after he arrived at your place?" Sharon questioned, staring at Kisa.

Kisa did not make a sound, and Sharon continued. "You know, Andrew has been weak since he was born. His lungs are not well developed, and minor sickness can induce a major illness. That is why Gilbert has been taking care of him meticulously."

"What?" Kisa was uptight upon hearing that.

"Forget it." Sharon's expression finally eased up. "Leave before Gilbert notices you. He really hates you this time. He said you should have died five years ago and should not have been alive."

Kisa thought she would not feel sad for this man again, but hearing what Sharon said, her heart still ached involuntarily. She said in self-deprecating tones, "It doesn't matter. Just let him kill me again if he dares."

appeared helpless and anxious. "It is not like you don't know Gilbert hates you, which has never changed. You should not be stubborn with him, nor should you harbor false hope

Sharon said pierced into her, causing her heart to drip with blood. 'The man I once loved with my life

You have survived after all the trials. I can't

was anxious and pulled Kisa away. "She is right, Kisa. Let's go. It is useless for you to wait here. You might further upset


away even though

"No, it was—"

and interrupted her. "Andrew is still in the emergency room. You should at least wait until Andrew's

frowned and stared at Sharon, who acted differently from what she had been earlier. 'What

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not let Andrew

stared at Sharon, who still had that gentle, innocent look, but she was no longer the same Sharon as before. Or perhaps she had never really known this

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