Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 31 She Puts Her Life On the Line

"You okay?"

Kisa did not dare move a muscle, waiting for Howard to blow the dirt out of her eyes. At this moment, she felt the searing eyes around her. She could not help but give Howard a push. "It is all right. If you can't get it out, forget it."

"Don't move. It will be over soon," Howard said, reaching down and gently touching her eyelid. "You see, that is what is stuck to your eye. No wonder you just had a red eye."

Kisa felt embarrassed. Her eyes reddened just now because she had a lump in her throat when she recalled the past. But he did have a lint stuck to his finger. So Kisa smiled politely and thanked him. As she was backing away, she was shocked to see Gilbert standing in front of her with a grave face. After secretly calming herself down, she continued to eat the chicken thigh in her lunchbox with her head lowered, pretending not to see him. She thought he would not find trouble with her in public. Indeed, the man said nothing. He just called the director over.

"Mr. Kooper, what can I do for you?"

Gilbert glanced coldly at Howard and spoke slowly, "Replace this male artist."

"Huh?" The director was startled for a moment.

and because she was in such a hurry, her vision went dark, and she almost

with mockery. 'This woman will pretend in

it would implicate Howard. Howard had helped her several times. Even if he had not, she could not just let him lose their job for no reason because of her. She gritted her teeth and stared at Gilbert with hatred, suspecting

"Mr. Kooper, why do you

male artist, he doesn't keep his virtue and openly makes out with his female assistant. If this gets out, won't it affect the

refute but looked in a predicament. "It has been half a month into the shooting. Where

your business," Gilbert said coldly and

eyes, but he gave her a

her, the more guilt she felt. With no hesitation, she ran after Gilbert in the direction he had left, her frailty causing her to fall to

"Gilbert. Gilbert."

the parking lot, where she saw Gilbert in his car. With no time to catch her breath, she stumbled over and rapped on the car window. "Gilbert, listen to me. You can't replace Howard. What's the point of lashing out at others when you

Kisa as he ordered Davian with

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