Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 16 Differentiated Treatment

When Kisa rushed to the hospital, Andrew was being treated in the emergency room.

Her face turned slightly pale as she sat down on the bench, at a loss.

Andrew still looked fine in the morning. She wondered why he was suddenly sent into the emergency room.

Lea was anxious. "I saw that boy's face unusually rosy today. He seemed to have a mild fever, so I had him drink a lot of water. But he suddenly fainted on the floor at noon. It scared me to death!"

Seeing Kisa's pale face and silence, Lea held her hand to comfort her. "Don't worry. It might just be a normal fever."

'He wouldn't have been admitted to the emergency room had it been just an ordinary fever. Andrew's case should be very serious.' A pang of guilt washed over her as she thought about how out-of-place Andrew had been this morning.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and blamed herself. "I actually noticed something wrong with him this morning. I should have brought him to the hospital first thing in the morning. It is all my fault. I shouldn't have held any prejudice against him. I—"

"Kisa, it is not your fault at all. He only had a mild fever. No one would see this coming."

she finally took out her cell phone and was about to


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to her anyway, not to mention that he had already accused her of harming his grandmother

accompanied by Sharon, arrived shortly afterward. He barely looked at Kisa and headed straight

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