Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 5 Kill Me If You Dare

"Don't hit me. Don't hit me."

She shivered involuntarily as the horrible experience of being beaten up in prison kept coming back to her.

Gilbert frowned. He grabbed her by the collar and lifted her. "Why are you still pretending? You think that will make me not punish you for what you have done?"

"I'm not Kisa. You've got the wrong person. My name is Raine. I'm not Kisa. I'm not." Kisa shook her head in panic. Her bony face looked extra pale from fear, the scar on her forehead even more appalling.

Gilbert stared sullenly at her, gritting his teeth with hatred. "You think I won't recognize you after you change your name, your voice, and even your appearance? Heck! Let me tell you; even if you turn into ashes, I can still find you." His eyes were filled with hatred, just as they were five years ago. The ruthlessness in his voice was such that he could not wait to cut her into pieces.

'Is he really that disgusted with me, so much so that he won't allow me to live in this world for a second? What exactly have I done wrong? I have absolutely done nothing wrong.

'The only wrong that I did was to have loved him. Now I no longer love him. I just want to live my life. Why does this man still refuse to leave me alone?'

anger exploding at once. She boldly met his cold, hateful

her. "Of course I am. Everyone thought you were dead, and I even,

his words were ridiculous. Her body was in terrible shape, and she might die anytime. So she wondered why he thought she had been living a good life. 'It is apparent that he is blind, even after five

if he was going to blow up at the thought of her

better tell me honestly what happened in that fire five years ago. And where

cares about is always Sara.' She looked at him with a

"No way."

I just want to live my life, regardless of how he sees me.' She stared at him and suddenly smiled. "You're eager

teeth with a murderous look in his eyes. "Five years ago, you abducted Sara and severely injured my

didn't hurt Grandma." She thought, 'Slander me all you will, but I won't take the blame for

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