Chapter 29 She is a Schemer Kisa stopped in her tracks.

Gilbert narrowed his eyes and stared at her from behind. “He’s the one who made you sign that contract, isn’t he?” He could not think of anyone else, other than Jensen, who could be so capable

Kisa slowly turned around and looked at him expressionlessly. “Jensen and I have not been in contact for a long time. He didn’t make me sign the contract. As for who it was, why should I tell you?”

Actually, even kisa had no idea about the identity of that mysterious person who made her sign the contract. But even if she knew the person, she would not tell Gilbert. After all, that mysterious person was the benefactor who saved her life, while Gilbert was the enemy who killed her. There was no reason for her to tell her enemy the information of her benefactor.

She looked at Gilbert’s darkened face and sneered. “Speaking of which, the contract is between Ariella and me. Why are you checking on it?”

“If I don’t check it out, how can I prevent those unseen evil tactics of yours? After all, 1 checked too little on your background back then.”

“Heh!” Kisa sounded like she had heard a joke. “Was that even necessary? From the time we first met, you’ve already seen me as someone evil, haven’t you?”

Kisa and Jensen were standing under a tree, and Jensen asked her, “Why are you always trying to please Gilbert? Do

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members attending to her needs. Kisa kneaded her painful forehead and quickly reported to Ariella. Suddenly, Ariella threw a glass of water at

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with disgust, “Get lost. I’m sick of seeing you.” Kisa stumbled a few steps and nearly fell, but Howard helped her up, fortunately. Howard pulled her to a corner and looked at her with

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