Reborn Through Fire

Chapter 3 She Can Never Run Away From Me


Startled, Kisa tossed her phone and shivered in the corner. Her eyes stared in horror at the phone on the floor as if a monster was inside.

'It's Gilbert's voice. How could this be? How come Gilbert called me on Ariella's cell phone? Has he found out so quickly that I'm working for Ariella? If this is the case, he will soon find this place and send me to prison again. I don't want to go back to that goddamn place where I can't see the light of day. I don't want to suffer those inhuman tortures again.'

Kisa shuddered in fear at the thought of the inhumane torture in prison and that tragic fire. She told herself she must escape, not be caught by Gilbert. She scrambled to get up, haphazardly packed some clothes, and hurried out the door.

Inside the hotel lounge--

Because of Gilbert's appearance, the atmosphere in the lounge became strange and somewhat depressing. However, it was also a little exciting to those little-known supporting actors and actresses eager to ingratiate themselves with Mr. Kooper of GK Pictures. But after seeing his gloomy face, they were all unnerved, not even daring to take a breath.

Ariella cautiously said to Gilbert, "My assistant is clumsy. I apologize if she has offended you." She did not want to ruin her career because of that ugly woman. She was pissed because she thought the ugly woman had offended Gilbert.

As Gilbert's face became even graver, Ariella panicked. "Th-That ugly woman is my assistant, but she isn't related to me. Someone else asked me to take her in. Otherwise, I wouldn't have let such a dumb, ugly woman become my assistant."

"Ugly woman?" Gilbert looked at her sullenly, his grim look frightening her.

Ariella said again cautiously, "Y-Yes, she is ugly, skinny like a skeleton. The scar on her forehead is especially scary. Ask others if you don't believe me." While speaking, she nudged Alena Barret beside her with her arm.

nodded vigorously. "Sh-She is indeed

Gilbert frowned.

"Maybe you have mistaken someone for my sister. She wasn't stunningly beautiful when she was alive, but she was definitely not ugly. The person they describe

her background." At this moment, Davian brought over

cheeks were sunken, and the sparse bangs did not manage to hide the scars. The person in the photo had dull eyes, not half as bright as they

'Raine Watson?'

name. After all, she used to be the wife of Gilbert, the CEO of GK Pictures. The name Kisa could cause a stir if she continued to use it. So Kisa changed her

Watson when she has hated rain since she was a

from the clear voice she once had. Besides, her low voice is something Kisa has never had before. But if she is not Kisa, why did she run when


"Yes, Mr. Kooper."

"Find her immediately. Now."

she saw Gilbert. He looked as if he had lost

interrupted her coldly. "I never believed that pile of

might seem like the person Gilbert loathed most was Kisa, but Sharon knew Kisa was the most special to him. He had always been cold to everyone but Kisa, whom he always spoke

the lounge was buzzing with activity again. Someone tapped Ariella on the shoulder. "Hey, you're

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