Chapter 1

her brows, and the moment Dominic Walson’s figure completely disappeared, something exploded in her mind, memories spilling out.Selena could no longer support herself, her body went limp and she fell down and lost consciousness.……In a chaotic dreamscape, countless young and resolute faces carried blood.She dragged her seriously ill body through the endless darkness, running and killing, watching each of her familiar companions fall.“Missy, go!”“Missy, you must live!”“Missy, return alive and avenge us!”The woman on the bed opened her eyes, looking at the ceiling calmly, her eyes slightly moist, and a tear spilled out of the corner of her eye and traced its way down her pale cheek.It finally occurred to her how on earth she had got here from the fronts of smoke and war, millions of miles away.She died.Yes, Selena Riddle, who was the supreme commander of the battlefield, had died, betrayed by those closest to her. In a desperate place, she stepped over a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, and in the midst of the watchful and regretful gaze of her enemies, she drew her sword and slashed through her heart. Since then, there had been no more of the noble and beautiful Miss Riddle in the world.But instead, in the distant Creephia, there was another Selena Riddle.In a trance, she had heard what seemed to be the voice of God calling to her, asking if she would like to do it again if she had the chance.She seemed to be replying at the time that she would love another chance and that she was going to go to her comrades.Selena closed her eyes and silently collected her sad and excited emotions, carefully combing through the extra memories in her mind.The girl whose body she has taken over also called Selena Riddle runs to the bridegroom on her wedding night, full of joy, only to be stopped in her tracks by her sister, Leah Riddle, who suddenly appears.Leah smiled viciously, placing unpleasant photos in front of her. Selena went to grab the photos in a panic, but before she could touch, Leah rolled down the stairs, crying and screaming.Photos were spilled all over the floor, all of them showing her standing with another man.Before she could

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