Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 2 Is That Demon Your First Lover Who Cheated on You

"I remember a line from an author. If a man and a woman haven't had sex before breaking up, they must do it after reencountering."


Drake broke up, his gaze trailing down from her neck bluntly.

"You seem to be ready for it."

Following his gaze, Sophia checked herself. Her black lace nightgown only wrapped limited parts of her body, revealing her snow-white skin. She looked enchanting.

Anyone who saw her like this would lose control.

"I dare you, Drake Riley!"

"Oops, you finally recall who I am. You must have been pretending at the KTV last night."

Sophia couldn't recall what she had done the previous night. However, Chloe phoned her and wired her some money, so she guessed she must have done something horrible.

"Did you come to get even with me?" Sophia calmed down after knowing his purpose, a charming smile touching her lips.

She looked completely different than three years ago.

Drake's eyes became steely. His hands moved to her neck. They almost clung to each other.

"You suddenly vanished in my life three years ago. Now you appeared again. What do you want?"

"Suddenly vanished?" Sophia repeated his words playfully. "Is that what they told you?"

Drake gazed at her. "What do you mean?"

"Nothing. Mr. Riley, you have a fiancee. Please let the bygones be bygones. A qualified ex-boyfriend should never appear again as if he's dead."

Drake suddenly increased the strength to pinch her neck. "Why did you suddenly appear in my sight then? You also said those words. Sophia Lawson, what's your purpose?"

Sophia mocked, "Mr. Riley, I didn't expect you to be so mad. Have you never forgotten about me in the past three years after we separated?"

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"Birthday banquet at Riley Manor. Please RSVP.".


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