Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 3 You Can’t Repay What You Owe Me in This Life

The next second, Aria pounced at her. "Sophia Lawson, you shameless bitch! How dare you hit on my brother again! I'm gonna teach you a lesson on my sister-in-law's behalf."

Sophia slightly dodged, and Aria fell to the ground on her cheeks.

Sophia snorted, "Miss Riley, you purposely hurt me before, but I didn't expect you were so polite to me. Thank you for your kindness."

Her words angered Aria so much that the latter's face was twisted. "Bitch! I'm gonna kill you."

Sophia narrowed her eyes icily. When Aria came near, she lifted her foot to hook Aria's leg, and Aria fell to the ground again.



A woman trotted into the clothing store to Aria. "Are you all right?"

Aria had never been so embarrassed in public before. Glaring at Sophia, who had a triumphant smile, she stood up with Emilia Lane's help.

She gazed at Sophia in a fury.

"I'm all right, Emilia. No worries. I didn't expect to meet this woman so quickly. Emilia, she must have returned to Sealand to steal Drake from you."

Emilia turned around, looking Sophia in her eyes.

'No! Impossible! How could Sophia Lawson..."

Sophia didn't miss any changes in their expressions and mocked icily, "Emilia Lane, you didn't expect to see me again, did you?"

Emilia stiffened.

Aria's gaze swept between the two women and asked, "Emilia, what does she mean?"

Blood drained from Emilia's face. Sophia could tell she had hidden something from Aria and withdrew her gaze.

Then she snorted at Aria, "Aria Riley, you're wrong. I have an older brother, so I have no interest in stealing your brother from her. It's been three years, but why do you still like snatching things from others? What is your problem?"

You should know what I mean.

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insult her! I've heard about you many times and longed to teach you

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"Let go of her!"

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glance at him. It turned out to be Drake.

next second, Emilia trotted to him and prompted, "Please help

Drake stared at Chloe.

scared her, but she was with Sophia, so she


Sophia swung toward Aria.

Sophia. "Sophia Lawson, my brother has come. If you

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She was slapped again.

paying you back. Let alone your brother. Even if the president of our country backs you up today, I'll not be

me back what you've

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