Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 5 How Can You Come Here Without Some Gifts?

Aria yanked up her head in disbelief. How could she be willing to apologize to Sophia?

The Old Riley smiled at Travis and explained, "Mr. Lawson, I also want to tell you something. Our families used to cooperate together. We are doing it for your own good, Mr. Lawson. We knew the woman next to you long ago. She's an indecent, vain gold digger. We're afraid..."

Before he finished his words, the Old Riley noticed Travis' icy gaze and broke off, wondering what was happening.

Sophia chuckled and walked to him. "Long time no see, Mr. Riley. You are still so fond of slandering me in public."

The Old Riley detested her, indeed, looking annoyed. "Sophia Lawson, you should know what you've done before. My family and I welcome Mr. Lawson to enter my house, but you cannot go in."

Other guests wondered what the grudge was between the girl and the Riley family. Despite his dignity, the Old Riley refused her to enter his house.

Before Travis responded, Sophia pinched his hand secretly, her gaze sweeping around Riley Manor.

With an ironic smile, she remarked, "Riley Manor? I've never thought of entering it. I came to sicken you guys. Now, I've achieved my goals. I won't stay any longer."


Sophia paused.

"Mr. Nathan Riley, you stop me from entering your house today. In the future, if you want me to go in, even if your whole family kneels to beg me, I'll never walk in. You can't regret it."

Her words hurt the Rileys' dignity. Aria roared angrily, "Who do you think you are? Beg you? Who would..."

Before finishing shouting, she noticed Travis's gaze in a warning and broke off.

Travis returned to be expressionless. "She's leaving, and so am I. See you, Mr. Riley."

Sophia's hand and was about to

we? The guests will think our Lawson family is too stingy. How can we come here without a birthday gift for

bad hunch and yelled, "What on

screens that hid around Riley Manor suddenly lit up. All of them formed a screen

It was Emilia.

wearing weird outfits, which shocked all the people

Wearing heavy makeup, she clung to many men while dancing on the dance floor of a bar. Meanwhile, those men touched her body. Instead of pushing them away, Emilia seemed to enjoy

it my illusion? Isn't

Christ! What's

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believed her, looking at her in disgust as if she was

wonder where those videos come from. Sophia Lawson must

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her grip but was freaked out by his gaze. She had to

set up others but you? Emilia

Emilia froze.

them. "Drake, you've known Emilia for years. Don't you know what kind of girl she is? Have you forgotten what Sophia Lawson did to you back then?

that his blood pressure rose. "What on earth do

your Riley family

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about to sit in the car. While bypassing Drake, she didn't spare him a glance

Old Riley wanted to stop them, but no one had the guts to

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