Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 6 Bullying Her Daughter Equals to Courting Death

All people held their breath, standing motionlessly in silence.

When the call was connected, Abbott Lawson was feeding his wife, Laura Woods, with the dishes he had prepared.

"Long time no see, Mr. Lawson. How have you been?" the Old Riley asked with a smile.

Abbott put away his phone without glancing at it. "Stop beating around the bush, Nathan. You haven't called me for years. What do you want?"

The Old Riley was taken aback. He answered, "OK. I'll go straight to the point. I heard your son had a girlfriend named Sophia Lawson. Do you know it?"

"Of course. So?"

The Old Riley could tell Abbott's attitude wasn't good, feeling annoyed. After all, he was the same age as Abbott's father, hoping Abbott to respect him.

"You must not know her background. Sophia Lawson has no money and is uneducated. She likes hitting on wealthy men. Years ago, she hit on my grandson because he was rich. Later, she found other men who were more affluent than my grandson, so she dumped him..."

"Grandpa!" Drake stopped him as he couldn't bear to listen any longer.

The Old Riley glared at him and continued on the phone, "Mr. Lawson, you should know I never talk bad about others on their backs. For the sake of our families' friendship, I don't want your son to be deceived. I'm saying those words out of kindness."

Abbott snorted, "Thank you, Mr. Riley. My son isn't too lame to deal with a woman. If there's nothing else, I gotta go."

Without waiting for the Old Riley's response, he ended the call.

Abbott snarled, "I haven't asked him for an explanation. How dare he call me! Have they forgotten how Drake Riley hurt my daughter?"

Laura sneered, "If Sophia hadn't insisted on getting even with them by herself, I would have broken into their house and got even with them long ago."

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