Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 7 Sophia, What Exactly Is Your Relationship With Travis?

Her smile was charming and enchanting, trembling Drake's heart.

Her tone sounded like they were close friends reencountering.

"Are you really Sophia Lawson?"

Three years had passed. Sophia had become too strange for him to recognize.

Sophia continued to munch her food and answered, "Who else can I be, Mr. Riley? After all, everyone changes."

Drake failed to find the familiar smile on her face.

Suddenly, he seized her arm and requested, "Tell me. What on earth are you doing now? You hurt me and left me without a goodbye. Now you take revenge on me. What do you want?"

He gripped her too tightly that Sophia frowned in pain.

"Mr. Riley, if you don't let go of me, I'll call security."

"Answer me!"

Drake looked into her eyes.

Sophia giggled in amusement, "Mr. Riley, if you really want to know the answers, why don't you go home and ask your stepmother?"

Drake furrowed his brows. "You know she's my stepmother?"j

Sophia's lips twitched into an ironic smile. "I know a lot of things. I also know Emilia Lane is the fiancee introduced by your stepmother. By the way, I did that thing to your fiancee. Are you here to teach me a lesson?"

Without waiting for his response, she added, "Even if you taught me a lesson, so what? Others might not know it. Can't you tell all the video clips are real, Mr. Riley?"

"Ehn. I wonder how you feel after learning what your fiancee had done before meeting you."

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