Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 9 Sophia, don't be ridiculous

Sophia stopped mid-step with a bright smile.

"Mrs. Riley, if not mistaken, you are not Drake Riley's birth mother, are you?"

Olivia's expression changed dramatically.

Only a few people knew this, and Olivia wondered how Sophia had known it.

Sophia swung toward her, approached her ear, and whispered, "You must be wondering why I know it. Well, I won't tell you. You want me to take your money and disappear because you want your niece, Emilia Lane, to marry Drake Riley. So your nice could control him. Right?"

Olivia flinched quickly. "Stop slandering me, Sophia Lawson!"

Sophia could tell how tense she had become. "Whether I'm slandering you, Mrs. Riley, you should know it clearly."

"We both are not stupid. If you do anything to annoy me, I won't tolerate you. Mind you... I'm no longer the Sophia Lawson you've known before. Understand?"

Sophia stared daggers at Olivia, and the latter couldn't help flinching quickly.

'How... How could it be possible?'

In Olivia's opinion, Sophia was just a weak woman who could be bullied by anyone. However, she had become so tough and threatening.

Olivia could tell Sophia had become the obstacle in her plan and probably would ruin it in the future, so she decided to find a way to get rid of her.

The night was out.

In the noisy Sunshine Pub, Helena Warburg was the last one arriving at the booth. As soon as she sat down, Chloe shoved a cup of vodka into her hands.

"Helena, you are late. Three shots as the penalty."

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