Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 10 Mr. Riley, propose in place

"Humph! Sophia Lawson, you bitch! You made my grandfather stop trusting my sister-in-law. Since you appeared, my brother has never talked to her. It's all your fault, bitch!"

She pounced at Sophia.

However, the latter grabbed her wrist, gazing at her aggressively.

Emilia had never seen Sophia be like this. In her opinion, Sophia was a village girl who couldn't do anything. She couldn't believe that Sophia had become so charming.

Afraid that Emilia would attack Sophia, Helena and Chloe stood in front of her to block her way.

"Aria Riley, you still don't believe the videos are real, do you? How pitiful! You've become a fool."

Aria forcibly pulled her hand back. "What nonsense are you talking about? Because of you, my sister-in-law would never be able to marry my brother. Sophia Lawson, do you want to marry into our Riley family? I disagree back then, and so do I now."

Her words amused Sophia more. "What? Disagree? I admit I was too incompetent back then, but I've changed. The more you disagree, the more I will show you what I can do. After marrying into your family, I'll bully you and make you live in Hell."

"I dare you! Go to Hell!"

As she spoke, Aria wanted to scratch Sophia.


Seeing the man, Aria said with an aggrieved look, "Drake, fortunately, you are here. It's all this woman's fault. She set up my sister-in-law and tarnished her reputation. Look how haggard Emilia is now."

Drake darted at Emilia, who was shedding tears as if she was made of water.

"Drake, I admit I was too young and unruly back then. I did a lot of naughty things. At that time, I learned I wasn't my parents' biological daughter, so I thought I was an orphan. I indulged myself for a while and fooled around. Later, after my birth parents found me, I realized I shouldn't have done so, so I quit. I also cut ties with those people."

sorry. I want to change.

crowded on the dance floor. All the onlookers had read the

sudden applause attracted

Sophia was clapping.

so appealing when shedding tears. Do you need a wedding

the time, wondering what she was doing as he had heard her tell Aria she would marry

him, Sophia pulled out her phone and called a jewelry store's owner. "Hello, 朱老板, right? This is Sophia Lawson. I want to buy a ring with the biggest diamond from your store. Right. Please send it to Sunshine

understand what she

looked at her with baffled

Sophia opened the box and exposed

"Whoa! How big!"

"It's sparking. How beautiful!"

wish it could

to prepare it, I can back you up. Hurry. Propose to your fiancee. From now on, you should love and support each other. Wish you

wondered what was in her mind. "What on earth do you want,

Sophia was THAT kind to let Drake marry

blackmail you for the money from the ring.


looked at Drake expectantly. She had been waiting for so many years. It would be ideal if Drake could propose to

eyes. His intense eyes

didn't care at all. A smile never faded

long while, Drake replied, "Keep it to yourself. I don't need

Then he turned away.

called him, "Drake! Drake! You can't go like this. What will my

He stopped mid-step.

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