Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 11 Emilia is now completely cold

  Emilia clenched her fist to death, admitting that what Sophia had done today had really hurt her.

  Even when those things she used to do were exposed, she never saw Drake in front of so many people and never admitted that she was this hard.

  "Of course, Miss Lane, when you marry, I will still send this diamond ring there, now wish you success in advance!"

  Sophia finished collecting the diamond rings and left with Helena and Chloe.

  Walking out, Chloe was still excitedly saying, "What a relief, we didn't understand why you wanted them to propose in place, but now I know, hahaha, you're forcing Drake to clear the air with Emilia!"

  Helena gave Chloe a thumbs up, "Sophia , you're doing really well now and don't have to make us worry about you anymore."

  "The point is, I have two good sisters like you by my side, let's go and sleep at my house tonight!"

  Sophia wrapped her arms around the two, they had grown up playing together, it was not easy to come this far, but she also thanked God for giving her such two good girlfriends.


  Sure enough, what happened in the bar last night has made the headlines, with a few very striking words that made the crowd of foodies click in.

  [Emilia is now completely finished, want to marry into the rich family, is simply impossible!

  [Can't you see, Mr. Riley never took her seriously!

  [It's really ugly, if I were her, I wouldn't come out to see people anymore!

  [Isn't it? I've always had a problem with Emilia, I thought she was a bad person, and she is!

  This time, even the Old Riley couldn't sit still and had someone publish an article saying that the Riley family would never be related to the Warburg family.

broke, the Warburg family's stock plummeted and

to settle them down first and slap Emilia


anything, it's all because of Sophia, she made

 This, of course, Olivia

didn't warn Sophia, but she didn't expect that Sophia has become

 I'm just afraid she knows

you hurry to find the time to do it, the Old Riley is anxious to have children, if your stomach can compete, even if he issued a statement, so what? Mrs. Rileys position will still

and a smile floated to the corners of



and Sophia has just been staying in Lawson familiy's apartment, but that's not how

free and the two of them went to the real

up to $500,000

here are very good, so they run here as

happened that President Drake came to inspect the two were here

  The salesman met the two of them with a standard professional smile and asked,

it was

mouth curled up,

  The salesman was just about to take them over when Drake walked

the salesman, who quickly understood that this was someone

the president today, it does not matter, but also to see Master Travis , ah ah ah ah, later

professional smile: "Just buying a house, no need

Master Travis came with a project, and I've always

 Drake's aura

  Travis said casually, "In that case, I'll make myself at home

  Travis's arm was around Sophia's shoulders, and Sophia was leaning into his arms

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