Revenge On My First Love

Chapter 13 Drake, I Don't Owe You Anymore

  And he was getting closer and closer, his body was about to come up.

  Trying hard to suppress the tension, Sophia asked, "So, you're getting back at me for your fiancée?"

  "Between you and me, don't mention those irrelevant people!" Saying that, his body really pressed against hers.

  Why does this man look so tall, but surprisingly heavier than before.

  "Mr. Riley, I can sue you for home invasion rape!"

  Drake laughed a little, and that laugh had no warmth at all.

  "I'm not happy when you say that, how I have to do something to make the charge more valid ......"

  His hand rested unruly on her collar, as if to open the buttons of her dress.

  Sophia Thriller.

  Is this man for real?

  Drake froze for a moment, but hadn't Sophia been with a lot of men over the years because of money? Why did it look like she was afraid when he just touched her?

  Sophia had a vase in her hand and hit him hard on the head.

  Drake is stupid!

  Sophia took the opportunity to push him straight away and quickly ran towards the door.

  But halfway down the road, the whole group stopped again and turned their heads to look at him.

  Drake sat on the floor, reached out his hand, and touched his head, where it was already bleeding.

  If just now he does not look like a home invasion rape, then this moment, I'm afraid it really looks like.


  Sophia tried to run, but was shouted over by Drake: "Do you want the police to come and take you away for committing murder?"

was clearly not her fault, but looking at his forehead kept bleeding, she went back to

  "I'll take you to the hospital!" Sophia reached out

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a hard time bringing Drake out, she was thinking of throwing him to the staff here, after all, she didn't know how much force she had just used and if it was really possible to hurt him to endanger his life, but looking at no one, she gritted her teeth hard and got him into the car and went to the nearest

Drake secretly sent a message to his manager: When I

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